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The Importance of Digital Citizenship
Students at Dry Creek Elementary have been participating in Digital Citizenship lessons from the Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum. The overall goal of this curriculum is to educate children about the basics of going online, and to help them to become safe, responsible and respectful digital citizens.

The curriculum emphasizes a balanced approach and celebrates the positive aspects of digital life while teaching students to avoid its potential perils. The digital citizenship curriculum is rooted in a model of ethical thinking that starts with the self and moves outward, to encompass the entire community. Through these lessons students are asked to reflect on how their digital and online behaviors affect themselves, their friends and family, and the communities of which they are a part.

We encourage you to view the parent materials that can be found on Here you will find a wealth of parent resources. Raising and educating young people in today‚Äôs 24/7 digital media environment is one of the most exciting and daunting challenges that parents and schools face today. Working together, we can raise a generation of kids who become smart, responsible and respectful digital citizens.