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We hope to provide links to educational resources for parents. Links will be added as we run across interesting web sites. If you encounter sites you think other parents might find useful, please feel free to send the information to the Dry Creek webmaster. Thanks!

Web Site Description
Brain Connection Educational games for primary-aged students mostly in the area of literacy (sounds, letter recognition, speed of processing) and some number recognition. Some of the games may be helpful for phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills.

Game Day Gazette

Newsletter for healthy kids and their families. Click on any of the numbers here to download a pdf file.

Issue Number: 1, 2, 3, 5

Net Smartz Keeping kids and teens safer on the Internet.
Autism Society of America Autism Society of America, a great resource for parents and teachers to learn about autism.
Central Valley Robotics Central Valley Robotics web page (Dry Creek sponsors teams each year).
Character Counts! Character Counts! web page
Doctor Memory Former NBA great Jerry Lucas has achieved considerable fame following his basketball career through the development of a memory enhancement system. This is a commercial site.
Molecular Expressions Molecular Expressions web page, featuring the fascinating world of optical microscopy.
Book Adventure Book Adventure web page...a reading resource for kids and parents.
Fresno County Library Fresno County Public Library web page...a tremendous resource for students and parents.
Vocabulary University Vocabulary University web page. This is for upper elementary or gifted students on up through high school age.
International Walk to School Official website of the International Walk to School organization.
Alice This is a free downloadable program that teaches children computer programming skills.
Poissonrouge Nonverbal activities such as alphabet, music and visual brainteasers. [Best for younger students]
Word Sandwich Vocabulary game
Building Vocabulary Skills Great resource for parents in understanding how to grow your child's vocabulary, ages 3 and higher.
Parents Make the Difference! Parenting resource newsletter.