Dry Creek is pleased to offer students a variety of co-curricular programs. Details are provided in the Student/Parent Handbook. 


Dry Creek Cheer

To download a copy of the Cheer Handbook, please click here.

Insurance Requirement
All participants are required to have verification of health insurance coverage prior to any participation in any sport. It is highly recommended that parents purchase the insurance policy offered through the school. To obtain this information, please visit this page and then click on the link "Does Your Family Have Coverage."



Dry Creek Athletics

2017-18 Athletic Schedule
Click on the links below to download a copy of the athletic schedules for each season. 
2017-2018 Fall Athletic Schedule.pdf
2017-2018 Winter Athletic Schedule.pdf
2018 Spring Athletic Schedule.pdf

XC Start of Season letter - 2017.pdf

Student participation and involvement in athletics teaches cooperation, responsibility, team-work, and how to win and lose. Students who are involved tend to perform better in school and have fewer problems socially. All students who participate in sports must meet the criteria outlined in the Code of Ethics to participate.

Participation as a member of a team is a privilege. Those on teams serve as a model for all the children at school. To ensure that student athletes maintain themselves as examples to other students, we are setting the following standards which must be met if a student is to play:

1. Team members do not get in fights. (At least one game suspension for violation, possible removal from team.)

2. Team members must have a "C" average with no "F"s on their report card. (Removed from team.)

3. Team members must display good sportsmanship, citizenship, and maturity at all times. (One game suspension for violation.)

4. All uniforms and equipment must be returned in the same condition as they were received. (Charged for damage or loss.)

5. Team members attend practice. (Missed practice may result in one game suspension.)

Team Selections
Every effort will be made to place all students on a team. Unfortunately participation limits must be set because of limited facilities and safety factors. The following process will be used to make team selections:

1. Sign-ups will be announced at least 2 school days prior to the first practice.

2. Players will have at least 2 days of practice before the first selection date.

3. Practice times are 3:20 P.M. - 4:20 P.M.

4. Those students who are selected for the team will have their names posted for all to see.

5. Coaches may elect to have a second selection date to further reduce team size.

*Players registering after the beginning of the season may try out for a team - but no player may be eliminated due to their selection.

Coaches' decisions on player selections are final.

All questions regarding player selection are to be referred to the head coach of the team.

Insurance Requirement
All participants are required to have verification of health insurance coverage prior to any participation in any sport. It is highly recommended that parents purchase the insurance policy offered through the school. To obtain this information, please visit this page and then click on the link "Does Your Family Have Coverage."

Concussions and Youth Sports
Parents of students who participate in youth sports (inclusive of cheerleading) need to be informed about the latest information from the medical community. The Centers for Disease Control is a great resource and has produced a concise information sheet available here. For additional information, please contact the school nurse or consult the CDC website.

Picking Up Your Student-Athlete from Away Games
If you would like to pick up your student at “away” games instead of returning to Dry Creek via the school bus, you will be asked to complete an authorization form & sign your child out with the coach.  For the safety of all of our students, we ask that these forms be completed when parents OR another adult pick up a student from a game.  Your child can be picked up only by those adults listed on the authorization & that authorization must match the Student Release Authorization on file in the office. You may download a copy of the form here.

All players are responsible for all equipment issued to them. Uniforms are to be worn on game days only. Players will be charged for the loss or destruction of equipment or uniforms.

Transportation to Games and after Practice
Clovis Unified buses transport students to all games. Parental permission for participation on a team allows for permission to transport students to all team functions during the season. Transportation will be provided for bus riders after practice. Parents who wish to pick their children up at away games must sign their child out with the coach prior to leaving. Students will not released to anyone without a note or prior parent contact with the coach.

PE Excuses and Team Participation
A child will not be allowed to participate in any after-school sports programs or intramurals if they are not participating in PE due to a PE excuse. No exceptions.

Playing Time
"A" teams are competitive teams. Students who desire guaranteed playing time should elect to play on "B" and "C" teams. "B" and "C" teams are designed to teach students basic sports skills. Students on these teams are guaranteed playing time in every game.

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

Please contact Mrs. Henderson for information about Dry Creek's G.A.T.E. program.


The Dry Creek drama is under the direction of Mrs. Plescia.  Students in grades 5 and 6 are encouraged to audition. Every November they put on a spectacular show you want want to miss!

History Day

Each year, students in grades 4-6 are encouraged to participate in History Day.  Students select a historical topic that relates to the National History Day (NHD) theme and conduct research using primary and secondary sources.  After analyzing and interpreting their sources and drawing conclusions about their topics’ significance in history, students in grades 4 and 5 will present their work in a poster.  Sixth grade students may select to write a paper, create a website, construct an exhibit, execute a performance, or produce a documentary.  These products may be entered into the Fresno County History Day competition, with the possibility of advancing to state and national levels.  

2017-2018 History Day Information
History Day Parent Letter.docx
History Day 4th & 5th Commitment Form.docx
History Day 6th Commitment Form.docx

History Day Permission Slip.pdf
History Day Important Dates.pdf
History Day Flyer.pdf
History Day Events and Categories.pdf

Student Council

Students in grades 5 and 6 are eligible to hold Student Council offices. Student Council members are elected each semester. Please consult the Parent Handbook for full details about Dry Creek's Student Council.

Oral Interp

Oral Interpretation is for 4-6 grade students!
Do you love to talk?  Do you enjoy reading with enthusiasm, or love performing on stage? 
If so, then Oral Interpretation may be right for you.

Oral Interpretation gives you a chance to perform a piece of literature with a group in front of an audience.  The literature piece must be memorized and is 3 to 5 minutes long.  All students must try out to be a part of this amazing group of performers!  Come to our informational meeting scheduled for late November or early December!  Check the Panther Express for exact dates and times!